Thanksgiving Eve Party In Milwaukee – Third Ward Downtown

Join us at Rivalry on Wednesday, November 23rd for the Biggest Party Night of the year.  HAPPY HOUR all day and all night long!  See the flyer below for all the specials available on the Best Party Night of the year.  Get your old crew together and come on down!

Why Thanksgiving Eve is the Year’s Best Party Night

Deserving to be dubbed as THE Best Party Night of the Year, the night of endless rounds of Jaeger Bombs and unorganized high school reunions, that time of the year you get to be with everyone you loved and bump into someone you loathed, the biggest bar night no one’s allowed to cut out early, an irrefutable excuse for sleeping in on a Thursday, an event of its own- the Thanksgiving Eve. If you’re not convinced yet why it’s dubbed as such, here are some more reasons to ponder upon.

  1. Nearly everyone has Thanksgiving off.

It’s a holiday celebrated across the land and it’s for all of the U.S. There’s no need to be from any particular culture or any specific religion to enjoy and take part in it. Apart from those who work in some retails stores and food service establishments, all Americans practically have Thanksgiving off.

  1. You’ll have no excuse to be “MIA” or not go out.

Given that you’ll have ZERO to accomplish the following day and you don’t have to think about how you are going to eat since your mom will be taking care of the turkey and the regal feast, you have the liberty and license to get out, catch up and drink the night away with friends, colleagues and neighbors from around the town. So no matter how tired you are from a long flight or drive, it never counts as a valid excuse to not go out and miss out on all the fun you can get.

  1. Everyone is home for the holidays.

While you can’t be anywhere else but at home with your family on Thanksgiving itself, the eve before is the perfect time to reunite, clink glasses and have a debacle with your best friends from back home, old high school buddies, your college pals, the kids you grew up with, or folks who moved to another place.

  1. Nostalgia will be at PEAK mode.

You’re back with your buddies, brewskis are going down easy and it’s only a matter of seconds that you’ll be swapping classic tales of your crazy parties, fun times, embarrassing moments, old-time sweethearts and football achievements.

  1. It’s the night to take a break before the big day.

Marathon runners rest from big runs at least a week before the race so the night before the turkey is carved and the party is thrown is a time to take a breather, have fun and enjoy with your pals. It’s a time for respite so take the night off and your mind off the stove.

  1. Thanksgiving dinner is a perfect hangover cure.

On Thanksgiving Eve, a lot of bars everywhere host parties and offer drink specials. And with the Thanksgiving dinner being a perfect hangover cure, you can drink the Wednesday night out and still get a nice post-dinner nap on Thursday.

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