Cinco De Mayo Milwaukee Celebration

Cinco De Mayo Celebration in Downtown Milwaukee at RIVALRY

Sure we, Rivalry Milwaukee, may not be your typical place to think about on Cinco De Mayo but we are sure to bring you a great time and fun celebration.

This year we will have a BYOS event.  What does that mean?  Well, it is an acronym and it stands for: Bring Your Own Sombrero!  Why?  Because wearing a sombrero always makes things more fun.  So, at Rivalry, we will reward you for getting into the Holiday spirit and wearing your sombrero to the celebration this Friday, May 5, 2017 in the Third Ward Milwaukee.

Here are the details of the event:

For everyone who is wearing a sombrero this Cinco De Mayo at Rivalry, they will receive:

$1 TACOS and


What a STEAL!  Now that’s what I am talking about.  Getting rewarded for being FUN and wanting to have a good time. *Disclaimer…Sombreros must be worn while at Rivalry in order to receive the huge “FUN” discounts.

The forecast for this Friday is looking OK (as of today as I write) so the patio will be open for the usual amazing outdoor patio dining.

Additional information and specials for those who do not want to be as festive:

If you are not wearing a sombrero to receive the above specials you still are able to participate in the following

HUGE 5′ Pinata – Yes, FIVE FOOT.  Yes, that is very large.  This pinata will not be your average pinata.  It will be filled with tons of cool stuff that may, or may not be suitable for children (depending on your parenting style) such as Lottery Tickets, little bottles of booze and other fun surprises.

Drink Specials:

$16 buckets of Modelo (not going to lie, this is my favorite Mexican beer)

$5 Margaritas

$3 Tacos

So, we will see you at Rivalry for the best downtown Milwaukee Cinco De Mayo Festival Celebration.


223 N Water St

Milwaukee, WI 53202

(414) 210-3960

Cinco De Mayo Milwaukee Celebration
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