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Rivalry, a sports bar in Milwaukee, is the place to meet before a game, to watch a game, or to celebrate a victory after a Milwaukee Home Game.  We are located on the RiverWalk in the Third Ward of Downtown Milwaukee.

3 Step Guide to WINNING at RIVALRY Milwaukee Sports Bar


  1. PRE-GAME: Uber/Lyft compensation BOTH WAYS to all Milwaukee Brewers, Bucks, Wave and Admirals Home games.  When you book your Uber/Lyft to the event just show a bartender and they will give you RIVALRY CASH that can be used during any future visit.  When you come back from an event just show the receipt from your trip.  You must make a food or drink purchase to be eligible for either ride.  Max compensation of $15 RIVALRY CASH per trip.
  2. GAME WATCHING: “Declare Your Allegiance” when you arrive to watch any sporting event at Rivalry and receive 15% off your bill when your team wins.  Any Sport, ANYTIME!  Must arrive at Rivalry by the end of the 1st Quarter for Football & Basketball games, by the end of the 1st period for Hockey games and by the end of 3rd inning for Baseball games to qualify for the discount.  For all other sports, at least 75% of the game/match/round must be watched at Rivalry. Discount only available on full priced food and drink items (no stacking discounts).  No RIVALRY CASH with this promotion.  Please be sure to call ahead to make sure we can accommodate if it is not a local team.
  3. POST GAME: $1 off all TAP BEER for 2 hours after every Major Home Wisconsin Sporting event (must present ticket upon arrival).  If you went to the event, party with us after and receive the special for hours after the end of the game.  RIVALRY CASH is permitted with this promotion.  The Rivalry bar staff will be the ones who decide what constitutes a Major Home Wisconsin Sporting event.

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Milwaukee Bars are a plenty in downtown.  So, being able to separate yourself from the rest is a must if you want to stand out let alone be considered one of the Best Bars In Milwaukee.  RIVALRY separates itself from other Milwaukee Sports Bars by creating a unique experience.  We want you to feel immersed in the game and actually FEEL like you are there in the stadium.  We accomplish this with state-of-the-art sound and displays as well as custom seating that allows you to feel what is happening on the field.

RIVALRY gets its name from offering two separate viewing areas for both Wisconsin Fans as well as Illinois (Chicago) Fans.  Let’s face it Milwaukee and Chicago sports teams have always had the biggest rivalry for any sport.  We embrace this and want to have fun with it.

223 N Water St
Milwaukee, WI 53202
(414) 210-3960

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Rivalry has different areas and TVs throughout the restaurant to accommodate sports fans of ALL teams (not just Wisconsin and Illinois fans).  So, we have the flexibility to be the place to gather and watch any big rivalry game.  Whether you want to watch your specific alma mater play or just your favorite team please CONTACT US so we can make this happen for you.

The top of the line Martin speakers are so crisp and clear it will sound like you are in the stadium seats and not a Milwaukee sports bar.  We also spared no expense to make sure our many TVs are displaying the highest-quality, clearest picture possible.

The amazing atmosphere created during game day and the “made from scratch” delicious food items create the perfect game day meeting place.  This is THE sports bar in Milwaukee that you will want to watch your next game and every game after that.  So, give us a try and let’s create some game day memories.

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