Milwaukee New Years EveNew Years Eve Milwaukee – Party Downtown Third Ward

RIVALRY will be the place to be this New Year’s Eve in Milwaukee!  There will be a lot going on for New Years Eve and New Years Day so see below for the Best New Years Party In Milwaukee schedule of events.

#1 – New Years Eve College Football Pre-Party (2pm – 10pm)

ncaa-football-playoffsFrom 2pm until about 10pm will be sports viewing for the College Football Playoffs. Two (2) huge games will be played on Saturday, December 31st.  The first round of the NCAA College Football Playoffs.  #4 Washington takes on the tough #1 Alabama squad and #3 Ohio States takes on #2 Clemson. Kick-off is scheduled for 2pm Central Time for the Washington/Alabama game so make sure to get to RIVALRY early to get your spot.  Start time for the Ohio State/Clemson game is scheduled for 6pm Central Time.

#2 – New Years Eve Dance Party (INVITE ONLY) 10Pm – 2:30AM

new-years-milwaukee-partyNew Years Eve is always the busiest day of the year for bars and restaurants.  Venues always sell out and we plan on the same so here is how you can earn your invite to the most EXCLUSIVE New Years Eve party in Milwaukee.

This is the time of year that we all love to give back and help others in need.  To have a chance at getting your exclusive invite you must deliver five (5) non-perishable food items to the Hunger Task Force.  Follow the link to their page that gives you all the details you need in order to donate your way to your INVITE!  You can also email Josh for more information or if you have any additional questions (  We look forward to ringing in the New Year with you!!

#3 – New Years Day Industry Brunch Sponsored by RED BULL

red-bull-bruchRed Bull is sponsoring an EXCLUSIVE brunch for all Service Industry friends.  So, come get a full tummy and unwind after a long night at work.  Get the base you need to rock out all night at all the city’s finest establishments hosting the LATE LATE Night fun.  Here is what we have:

  • First drink is FREE for all THIRD WARD Industry Friends after 4am
  • FREE cans of Red Bull and bottles of Water to keep you going
  • $3 BOMBS
  • $5 Red Bull Vodkas
  • FREE Champagne toast at 12 Noon for the 1st Packers game of 2017!

#4 – Green Bay Packers NFC North Championship Party 🙂


Come join us at 7:30 PM on Sunday, January 1st to watch what we hope is the NFC North Championship game for the Pack.  They are taking on the Detroit Lions who currently have a one (1) game lead in the conference.  It is going to be an insane atmosphere if the Pack can make good on Aaron Rodgers’ promise to WIN OUT!

We know some may be a little hungover from the previous night’s debacle which is why we will be giving away a FREE champagne toast at 7:30 PM for the start of the game to help with anyone’s headache.

Like we said – there is A LOT going on for the New Year and hope you can make it to all or some of our festivities.  We look forward to seeing you!

223 N Water St
Milwaukee, WI 53202
(414) 210-3960


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Every part of the world celebrates on New Year’s Eve and there are countless peculiar ways the world does it. Here are 25 of them.

  1. In Denmark, unused dishes are saved until people get to shatter them on their friends’ and family’s doors come December 31.
  1. People in Ecuador burn paper-filled scarecrows and photos from the old year as soon as the clock strikes midnight.
  1. In Spain, stuffing a dozen grapes in your mouth is believed to bring good luck for the coming year.
  1. In the Philippines, round fruits, clothes with polka dots and coins in their pockets are believed to usher in a good year.
  1. In some South American countries, wearing colored underwear will you bring you love if it’s red, wealth if it’s gold, and peace if it’s white.
  1. Japanese people smile their way into the New Year and ring their bells 108 times for good luck.
  1. Before the year ends, people in a small Peruvian village engage in fist fights to settle their differences.
  1. In Switzerland, they deliberately drop ice cream on the floor to welcome the New Year.
  1. In Romania, tossing spare coins into the river is said to bring good luck.
  1. For some Puerto Ricans, throwing buckets of water out of their windows is believed to drive evil spirits away.
  1. In Belgium, farmers literally greet their livestock a happy new year.
  1. In Bolivia, coins in baked sweets are said to bring good fortune to those who will be able to find them.
  1. For the French, eating a stack of pancakes is part of celebrating the coming year.
  1. With high hopes for a travel-filled year, Colombians carry their suitcases with them all day round.
  1. For good luck, people in Denmark jump from top of their chairs as they bid the old year goodbye.
  1. In Thailand, people smear each other with gray talc and throw buckets of water on one other.
  1. In Chile, people spend the night at the cemetery in the company of their loved ones who have passed away.
  1. Animal whispering is a New Year tradition in Romania where farmers communicate with their cows for abundance and prosperity.
  1. To usher out the year and drive evil spirits away, people of Ireland hit their walls with bread.
  1. In some parts of South Africa, furniture pieces are thrown out the window to symbolize the passing of the old year.
  1. Siberians plunge into frozen lakes while they carry tree trunks.
  1. In Finland, people cast molten tin into a bucket of water to predict what the coming year holds for them based on the resulting shape.
  1. In Panama, burning effigies of famous people is said to bring in good fortune.
  1. In Scotland, the “first foot” in the house after midnight should bring a gift for good luck.
  1. In Estonia, people call for abundance by eating seven times on New Year’s day.

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